4 things Blade Runner 2049 tells us about the Future

Sci-fi movies usually give a lot of exciting insight and have a great sense of imagination for what our future might look like. So many things that seem common to us today, like iPads, were predicted in movies way before they were actually made. Here, I’ve picked out 4 surprising aspects of life in the future which struck me while watching Blade Runner 2049.

  1. Language

The most surprising scene in the movie for me, which urged me to write this article, was when K (Ryan Gosling) was speaking English to a man who responded in a foreign language – yet somehow, both sides seemed to communicate normally. And I actually only realised 2 minutes into the scene that they weren’t actually speaking the same language! But this idea suddenly made me think: Isn’t it predicted that with the current trend in English-isation, that all languages in the future will become extinct? However, this scene added by Villeneuve opens the possibility that a mental translation capacity could allow wilting languages to bloom again. But then again, a question arises: how would we be able to translate culture?

  1. Robots technology, and emotions

Blade Runner Hologram

Of course, this is what’s most trendy to talk about when thinking of the future! It’s hot it’s new, we’re all curious about it: Holograms and robots. Will robots have feelings? Will we be able to distinguish between a robot and a human (the Turing test)? In the movie, we see “robot” people crying, showing affection. And we also see robots owning their own hologram robots (which, surprisingly, seem happy and willing to help). Which makes us wonder: how would robots feel if we just treated them as slaves?

  1. Most places in the future – impossible to live in

We see through this movie’s pessimistic lenses into a future, where we have destroyed most of the Earth; we have wiped out wildlife, trees, animals, basically everything. There are areas which are too radioactive to even set foot in. Even from the very first image, the air is thick with pollution and the sky is invisible. Villeneuve alludes to the fact that some people have never even seen trees nor animals! As we watch the movie, we are struck by what we have done and are doing right now, more or less, putting our planet in a disastrous, and ugly situation.


  1. Urban planning

Thus we have to live compactly. The city views are one of the most breathtaking aspects of the movie. Tall, shining skyscrapers with beautiful luminescent facades displaying movies, songs – or even random ballerinas – holograms are now the key to an impressive impression of the city life. However, take a few steps out of the city, and, we’ll find ourselves in the massive dump site that we’ve created. We see the clear division: specfic areas which are habitable, and then, the rest. Life and expedition could almost be considered boring outside the limits of the city.

— Lilia E.

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